Matthew was introduced to the world of photography at an impressionable age.  His father, Jacques, taught him the style and technical aspects of event photography.  After his father’s retirement, Matthew broadened his exposure to photography through freelance work for various studios.  While his father’s teachings provided a solid base of knowledge, Matthew refined his own style by incorporating additional techniques that he observed at other studios. Matthew is therefore fluent in many different styles of lighting, portraiture, and posing.  However, Matthew has not simply adopted the style of other photographers.  He pursued his own unique viewpoint while traveling extensively in Europe.  These experiences widened the aperture of his artistic eye.  In addition, Matthew’s work as a photojournalist has contributed to the breadth of his knowledge.  It is the combination of a strong technical background while keeping an artistic perspective that creates the uniqueness of his work.  Posing is kept to an absolute minimum which allows for the beauty inherent in relationships to be reflected in photographs.  Natural light is utilized whenever possible to maintain a warmth and natural quality to photographs.  Matthew realizes that art is objective and works with his clients to tailor his skills to their particular desires.